Since October 6th, things have been quite a rollercoaster. We were initially informed that we had to vacate our current space by the year’s end (12/31/2023). Back in 2021, we purchased a new space, intending to move at some point. However, due to various factors, we had only managed to get some engineering drawings done and were far from ready for such a massive undertaking.

But when the threat of losing our business loomed, we found ourselves incredibly motivated to act swiftly. Fortunately, our amazing employees and the support from our small business community, including bankers, insurance agents, and friends, have been a true blessing. We were eagerly anticipating a move between January 13th and 20th when a significant snowstorm hit, covering our roof with almost a foot of snow.

This unexpected snowfall resulted in serious roof damage and intense leaks, making it impractical to bring our state-of-the-art equipment into a leaking building. Consequently, we’ve had to postpone the move. We’re currently working on getting quotes and financing in place, but the main hurdle remains the snow on the roof. We need to wait for it to melt off so that roofers can do their job.

I’ve checked the forecast briefly, and it looks like by the end of January, the weather will warm up enough for the necessary work to be completed. While we don’t have a confirmed move date yet, we’ll keep you updated as we approach the end of the month. Tentatively, we’re eyeing the week of January 22nd or the week of January 29th. Thanks for sticking with us, and we’re eager for you to experience our new space!

Here’s a video with the same info from Diane (the owner).


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