Wellness Pod

It looks like a spaceship! We hear that all the time. Funny enough, it CAN take you away to another world – at least in your mind! 

This POD uses 8 different types of therapy to relax the mind AND body. You’ve heard the phrase, “An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body?” Sometimes it can – so it’s best to just relax both at the same time.

The six different types of therapies it uses are:

– Light therapy (Think yellow light for jaundice babies.)
– Halo therapy (Salt) for colds and sinus issues. Also helps regular breathing.
– Aromatherapy (Essential oils)
– Jade Therapy to help with pain
– Massage therapy (Vibrational massage to – relax muscles)
– Heat therapy (It warms up but we control to find a comfortable temperature for you)
– Acoustic therapy (Relaxation spa like music)
– Infrared therapy (Read more about this on our Sauna page – this machine uses Far Infrared)
– A typical session is 30 minutes long and in that amount of time you can expect to fully relax and disengage from the world and stress- even if it is for just a short period of time.

Over time, the Wellness POD can decrease anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Have an overall improved wellness by using the POD regularly!

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2803 N Lorraine Suite H

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