Manual Spray Tan

By A Technician

Spray tanning is a fast way to see an instant bronze! Completely safe, UV Free, and looks completely natural. Our scientific collection of PH Balancing Prep Spray, Post Sealant Moisturizing Spray, and talc-free drying powder allows you to feel dry immediately and get dressed to move on with your day.

Even if you UV tan, spray tans can turn your skin an even deeper bronze than you can achieve with UV tan alone.



Pre Spray Tan Instructions

24 hours before your appointment shave. The day of your appointment shower and exfoliate with a loofa. Come to your appointment free of makeup, deodorant, lotions, or other topical products. Wear dark and loose clothing. Do not use any DOVE products 24 hrs before or after your appointment.

Post Spray Tan Instructions

Please avoid water exposure for 8 hours. Try to not wash your hands, avoid rain, do no sweat, cry, hot tub, bathe, shower, dance in the rain, or spill drinks on yourself. At 8 hr post, you may warm water rinse ONLY and pat dry. Do not use soap or wash/condition hair and please do not shave! Sleep on sheets that you don’t mind if they are stained. 24 hrs after your appointment you may shower as usual.

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