Level 3

Our Level 3 beds are highly popular among our customers. These beds have a medium strength with 6,800 total watts and full UVB power. They are excellent for obtaining a good dose of vitamin D. Just remember to combine your time in the laydown beds with some time in the stand-up unit to avoid the occurrence of a bunny tail effect.

Experience the perfect balance of sun-kissed radiance with our Level 3 tanning bed. Step into a world of luxurious tanning where cutting-edge technology meets comfort. Our Level 3 bed offers a higher UV intensity than entry-level beds, providing a faster and deeper tan. The precision-engineered bulbs and ergonomic design ensure an even and golden glow across your body. With customizable exposure times and built-in cooling systems, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and pampering tanning session. Embrace the confidence of beautifully bronzed skin while minimizing the risk of overexposure. Discover the next level of tanning and immerse yourself in the ultimate tanning experience.

Get Unlimited Level 3 Tanning In An All Access Package

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Level 3