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Lvl 3

Level 3: Our Level 3 beds are highly popular among our customers. These beds have a medium strength with 6,800 total watts and full UVB power. They are excellent for obtaining a good dose of vitamin D. Just remember to combine your time in the laydown beds with some time in the stand-up unit to avoid the occurrence of a bunny tail effect.

Level 4: Our stand-up unit, Level 4, has 9,800 total watts and full UVB rays. It’s ideal for evening out your tan and achieving a deeper tan. We recommend using Level 4 in moderation if you’re new to tanning or have recently moved up from Level 5. Its UVB rays can be intense and potentially damage your skin. Taking breaks between sessions allows your skin to recover and ensures optimal tanning progress. The stand-up unit is also beneficial for targeting areas like the “bunny tail” that can occur from excessive lying down. It improves blood circulation and oxygen flow, ensuring an even tan.


Lvl 4

Lvl 5

Level 5: Our Level 5 bed is the most powerful with 21,000 total watts. It’s perfect for building a base tan and has minimal UVB (the burning rays). With its high power, you won’t easily get burned, but it doesn’t provide as much vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for our overall health as it boosts our immunity and has been linked to preventing various cancers. While the Level 5 bed is fantastic, it’s essential to explore our other beds to ensure you get enough vitamin D.


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