Lvl 5

Level 5: Our Level 5 bed is the most powerful with 21,000 total watts. It’s perfect for building a base tan and has minimal UVB (the burning rays). With its high power, you won’t easily get burned, but it doesn’t provide as much vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for our overall health as it boosts our immunity and has been linked to preventing various cancers. While the Level 5 bed is fantastic, it’s essential to explore our other beds to ensure you get enough vitamin D.

Your comfort is our top priority. Our Level 5 Tanning Experience features spacious and ergonomic design, providing you with ample room to relax and enjoy your tanning session. Pamper yourself with the built-in climate control, ensuring a soothing and refreshing environment throughout your tanning experience.

Personalized Tanning Regimen: We understand that each individual’s tanning needs are unique. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to create a personalized tanning regimen that suits your skin type and desired level of tan. With adjustable settings and customized session durations, you’ll achieve a tailor-made glow that perfectly complements your natural beauty.

Instant Results, Minimal Time: Experience the power of Level 5 tanning efficiency. Thanks to the advanced technology and increased UV output, you’ll achieve your desired tan in a fraction of the time compared to lower-level tanning beds. Get in, tan, and out – it’s that simple.

Safety and Expert Guidance: Your safety is paramount. Our Level 5 Tanning Experience comes with cutting-edge safety features to ensure controlled exposure and prevent over-tanning. Our trained professionals will guide you through the process, offering expert advice and recommendations to ensure the best tanning results without compromising your skin’s health.