Lvl 4

Level 4: Our stand-up unit, Level 4, has 9,800 total watts and full UVB rays. It’s ideal for evening out your tan and achieving a deeper tan. We recommend using Level 4 in moderation if you’re new to tanning or have recently moved up from Level 5. Its UVB rays can be intense and potentially damage your skin. Taking breaks between sessions allows your skin to recover and ensures optimal tanning progress. The stand-up unit is also beneficial for targeting areas like the “bunny tail” that can occur from excessive lying down. It improves blood circulation and oxygen flow, ensuring an even tan.

Our Level 4 Stand-Up Tanning Unit is designed to maximize your tanning potential. With high-output UV lamps and strategically positioned reflectors, you’ll receive an even and full-body tan in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tanning beds. The vertical design allows for uniform coverage, ensuring no tan lines and an all-over sun-kissed glow.

Quick and Convenient: No more lying down and waiting for the perfect tan. With our Stand-Up Tanning Unit, you’ll experience quick and efficient tanning sessions. Thanks to the increased UV output, you’ll achieve a deep, long-lasting tan in just a few minutes. Get in, stand up, and step out with a radiant glow that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.